About BluEyedSeoulite

I came to Korea on a spring break field trip back in 2007. I met a cute guy at a club and have been together since. I have lived in Seoul off-and-on for around 7 years. My husband, Hubby, is Korean-Korean, from Gwangju, not Korean-American or any other variation. It causes a lot of misunderstandings but a lot of funny situations.

After finishing college, I have been a full-time afterschool English teacher for around 4 years. I have worked in a variety of places, kindergartens, hagwons, and public schools. The kids are great but the system leaves a lot to be desired. I’m currently finishing my last year teaching and am looking forward to starting a family.

My husband and I live more “Western” style. By this I mean we have not received lump sums of money from his parents (damn!) but have worked hard and saved for years. Without going into details, they don’t really communicate well (not because of me!!). Because of this I don’t have the ‘stress’ of the Korean in-laws and we don’t celebrate the holidays Korean style.


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